Timmins, Ontario, Canada – The Bucket Shop (TBS) introduces Rhinowear: their exclusive line of wear products including:

  • Cast lips systems & heel shrouds
  • Chrome white iron consumables
  • Polymer wear compounds
  • Chromium carbide overlay plate.

“Rhinowear is the culmination of years of research and trials designed to develop high value wear products that have longer lifecycles and decreased costs for our clients. In doing so, our clients are more productive and enjoy a lower total cost of ownership.”
Paul Woodward – Vice President

Our Story of Evolution and Transformation

2020 has been a year of transformation for every person and business globally, and we are no exception. The global pandemic created an opportunity for us to focus on our strengths and build a new strategy that better reflects who we are, what we do, and why we do it. While much of our transformation has been occurring naturally for several years, we reached several milestones this year.

One of the largest initiatives in our company history is the creation of an exclusive line of wear products. We had already developed our own line of TBS engineered solutions for cast heel and lip systems as well as our own 2- and 4-piece bucket design. The time was right to expand the offering and shift our TBS brand under a new suite of wear solutions. After surveying the existing providers of wear products, their performance in the sector, and price points we asked the question: could we develop our own line that would bring better value to customers through longer wear cycles, better performance, and improved total cost of ownership? The unanimous response from our internal focus group was yes, we can!

Next, we developed the plan to partner directly with our foundry to create the metallurgy and cast for the end products. Knowing that the product line needed to represent value and durability, our team decided on an appropriate name and logo to reflect the qualities and characteristics of the new wear products portfolio: Rhinowear.

“We are excited to bring another piece of our story of evolution to the clients we serve locally, regionally, and globally. With the leadership of the ownership team, we have continued to develop industry leading solutions that are improving the performance standards of wear solutions for the mining and earthmoving sectors. Stay tuned for more of our story and how we are transforming ourselves to meet the industries toughest demands.”
Jamieson Pouw – Market Development Manager

Find the new catalog here: https://www.thebucketshop.ca/rhinowear/