MineConnect – Hall of Fame

The leaders in the mining supply and service industry have proven that mining is only as efficient and productive as the quality of products and services provided from mining supply companies. Over 400 Northern Ontario mining supply and service companies can boast of their historical influence in mining camps worldwide and their significant employment opportunities for skilled personnel making this sector larger in number than all direct mining and refining jobs in Northern Ontario. Making this all happen are industry managers and leaders who have improved their craft and management skills and have created a major industrial sector that is recognized globally.

MineConnect wishes to recognize those leaders both living or deceased by hosting and honoring the best member leaders at their Annual meeting held every December and acknowledging the time, effort, and competencies these selected visionaries have brought to Northern Ontario. The winners will be an integral part of the MineConnect web site in a special portal that recognizes their valuable contribution, and they will receive a special token of appreciation.


Ross was nominated as the 2022 recipient, by the Timmins Economic Development Corporation. The MineConnect board immediately and unanimously approved the nomination. The award took place at their AGM, on Thursday February 9th. As per any Hall of Fame honor, this puts Ross among the elite influencers in the mining sector. We are proud of his deserving accomplishment and are honored to have him leading our company to extraordinary new levels.