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LHD Lip Systems


We can substantially reduce your bucket costs through the application of our newly branded line of high performance (HiPER) wear products. Read more…

Heel Shrouds


This laminated plate offers the ultimate in high wear resistance. These high performance castings will dramatically improve the life of your buckets. Read more…

Specialty Alloy Inserts


Ideal for bucket and shovel protection, utilizes three key attributes which give them the versatility to make them the maintenance operator’s best friend. Read more…

ITR Undercarriage


ITR Undercarriage sets the standard for quality within the industry. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, ITR undercarriage has earned an excellent Read more…

G.E.T. Line


This product line is comprised of all components necessary for the manufacturing, repair and maintenance of buckets for bulldozers, excavators and front loaders. Read more…

Custom Builds


We offer custom products because every job has specific requirements. From open pit to underground operations, we have the solutions. Read more…

New Builds

We have a selection of popular LHD scoop Buckets. We also Stock Casts lips for ST 1030, R2900, and ST8 models. Read more…