Econox Relocatable Buildings  

The Econox portable system is composed of wall panels and a pre-assembled roof, which can be erected on simple foundations, by a small crew and a light telescopic crane. This construction system allows you to install, expand or relocate buildings in only a few hours.

The Econox building is known for its sturdiness, the fast delivery and deployment, as well as for its continuous airtightness.

Ideal for:

  • Rapid building construction
  • Medical facilities
  • Temporary hospitals or shelters
  • Relocatable military buildings
  • Mining and forestry industries

Benefits of the Econox relocatable building

Canam Buildings offers a business solution for urgent set-up requirements:

  • Rapid deployment thanks to the prefabricated panels
  • Simple, durable and economical solution, 100% reusable
  • Easy to transport, install and relocate
  • Multifunction clear span
  • Requires only light-weight assembly equipment
  • Versatile and custom solution


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